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Argentina Hotels Information One of South America's most striking and successful cities, Buenos Aires is as cosmopolitan as it is nostalgic. From the high-rise hotels of Puerto Madero to the colonial architecture of Plaza de Mayo, this is a city of exciting contrasts. Given the economic uncertainties that plagued Argentina a few years ago, international travelers enjoy excellent value for money in the shops, restaurants and hotels of Buenos Aires.
The range of activities offered by Beunos Aires is both wide and surprisingly varied. The tango was born here, so visitors flock to exhibition halls and dance studios to watch or take lessons. The local dining scene benefits from the region's world-class wine and beef industry, and the cosmopolitan cultural scene includes great museum and theaters.

Brazil Hotels Villas Information

Brazil Hotels Information Today’s Rio de Janeiro is gaining more attention than ever. After a successful bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, plans are underway to refurbish, restore and expand every corner of this already world-class city. Visitors will see more newly-renovated accommodation in Rio de Janeiro in the next few years, as the excitement percolating on dance floors and beaches becomes more palpable.
For visitors, the action begins on Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, where hotels in Rio de Janeiro back a beautiful crescent of white sand. Beaches in the city center are perennially clean, and they seem to attract some of the world’s most beautiful people.
The parade of beautiful swimsuit-clad locals would dominate the scene if it weren’t for the backdrop of mountains draped in rainforests. Few cities can boast such a breathtaking setting, and it gives Rio a surreal edge that is better experienced than described.

Colombia Hotels Villas Information

Colombia Hotels Information Cartagena is one of the finest historic cities in the entire western hemisphere, and it dominates Colombia's tourism industry. Founded in the 16th century, Cartagena sends tourists home raving about their experiences, especially those who saw fit to splurge on the city's glamorous accommodation.
This is a favorite honeymoon destination in Colombia, and a quick survey of the hotels near Cartagena reveals fine luxury options. In the ciudad amurallada (colonial city) a few renovated heritage homes and monasteries have been converted into sublime luxury options. A greater selection covering all budgets is in the near center district of Bocagrande. This district is outside the compact colonial quarter and hosts high-rise hotels on a narrow, sandy peninsula.

Peru Hotels Villas Information

Peru Hotels Information Peru's capital city delivers a fusion of old and new worlds. A quick survey reveals Incan ruins, beautiful colonial quarters and a dense, ultra-modern center. It's a city full of surprises and evocative contrasts, and even the supposed 'slums' seem vibrant and well-developed.
Lima was founded in the early 16th century by the conquistadors, and it remained the headquarters of Spanish colonial power for three centuries. Lima Centro is getting long-overdue attention from the government, with ongoing restoration projects that promise to revitalize the colonial mansions and cathedrals here in the city center.
Most of the hotels in Lima are in San Isidro and Miraflores, largely residential neighborhoods with access to dining and nightlife. Miraflores has particularly attractive hotels district due to its refined commercial appeal.

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